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Membership Options

KO Distilling currently offers three loyalty programs: 1) PlanKOwner, 2) VIP, and 3) Follower.

For hundreds of years, “Plank Owners” have been recognized as important participants in the design, building and launching of naval and merchant vessels. KO Distilling has instituted a similar program for people who wish to be associated with the establishment of our new craft distillery. 

For a one-time $142 fee, a KO Distilling PlanKOwner will receive the benefits listed below.

Most importantly, PlanKOwners will have the opportunity to be part of something new and exciting. If you are interested in becoming a PlanKOwner, please choose the option below. Once done, we welcome you to the KO Distilling PlanKOwners’ group. We are thankful you would consider being part of our crew as we go “full steam ahead”!

The VIP program is an annual membership program which is more geared for members who will be using our facility for special events.  The annual fee is $300.  This program has not yet started but is slated to begin in 2017.

The Follower program is free and it allows enthusiasts to be made aware of news and events about our craft distillery.  Sign up now to begin receiving our newsletter.

  • PlanKOwner
  • $142
  • Unlimited Free Tours for PlanKOwner + 1 Guest (Each Visit)
  • 20% Off Distillery Merchandise (Not Including Alcohol)
  • KO Distilling PlanKOwner Challenge Coin, Flex-Fit PlanKOwner Hat & PlanKOwner Tee Shirt
  • PlanKOwner Card and Certificate
  • Invitation to Private Events
  • Name on PlanKOwner's Plaque & Webpage for Life
  • Newsletter
  • Sign Up
  • Annual VIP
  • $300/year
  • Unlimited Free Tours for VIP member + 1 Guest (Each Visit)
  • 20% Off Distillery Merchandise (Not Including Alcohol)
  • 20% Off Rental of Distillery Event Center for Private Events
  • KO Distilling Challenge Coin, Adjustable KO Hat & KO Tee Shirt
  • Name on Active VIP Members Webpage
  • Newsletter
  • Coming in 2017!
  • KO Follower
  • FREE
  • Newsletter
  • Sign Up